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The south of France has always been a favorite place to visit for its beauty, its weather, its diverse geography, its food, and of course its wines. There's such a range of wines made, mostly red, but also plenty of rosé, a little bit of white, some fortified wine, and a small amount of sparkling. You don't have to venture far to try every style of wine—and at many different price points. rosé I've had rosé from the south of France in the club before, including from the famous village of Tavel and from Provence. Provençal rosé has transformed international...

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The great Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa wrote under many pseudonyms, which he termed heteronyms. The names he used were all different expressions of his personality, his writing, and his artistic ambition. To write under one name would limit him; to write under several expanded his potential greatly. Likewise, many historic, important grape varieties don’t just have one name: each name helps us understand the identity and history of the variety and the culture in which it has developed. In Spain, the most planted black variety is Tempranillo. Its importance is underscored by its many different names in the country: Ull...

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