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blackpoolmatt’s wine club is an online service providing small production wines to customers seeking out something new, different, or distinctive. It is personally curated by Matthew Gaughan who brings his wide knowledge of the world of wine and his experience in the industry to find the highest quality wines from all over the world at all price points. Rather than offering a generic service, Matthew ensures that you receive the wines you want and that you know the full story behind each wine. Sign up now!

benefits of membership

Not only do members of blackpoolmatt’s wine club receive the best wines, they also have full access to the website. Each wine has a full tasting note, describing the story and personalities behind the wine, where and how it was made, what it tastes like, and what makes the wine so special. The website also features videos by Matthew presenting the wines, as well as talking about winemakers and regions. Matthew isn’t just an accomplished wine buyer he is also an experienced wine educator, and he’ll be using his knowledge to write features on regions and grape varieties, all to help you understand the wine you’re drinking the better. Membership also allows you to put in special requests throughout the year for certain types of wine, to reorder wines you’ve loved, or for gifts for friends and family. Each wine club comes with its own Spotify playlist to listen to while you enjoy the wines: joining blackpoolmatt’s wine club isn’t just receiving wine every so often—it’s entering a whole new world of wine. Sign up now!

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You have the option to join any of 7 clubs, and within those clubs there are options to customise them to your taste. We always want your feedback: if there’s a wine you particularly like or for some reason didn’t enjoy, we’ll always be sure to take that into account when selecting wines.


Monthly – 3 for $80-100 or 6 for $200

Monthly shipments are sent out the first week of each month. At the present time, shipping only available in the US.

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White Light/White Heat

White wine comes in so many shapes and sizes: light and refreshing; easy-drinking; rich and oaky; intense and acidic; serious and ageworthy. With an emphasis on food-friendly wines, the White Light/White Heat club explores all these styles from across the world: selections from all over Europe—classics like Burgundy to re-emerging Spanish and Italian regions—small production selections from the West Coast, and wines from the Southern Hemisphere which will make you re-imagine countries such as Australia and South Africa. This is a club for white wine lovers who want to learn all about the phenomenal whites being made in famous and lesser-known regions and who want to explore the world of white wine.


Ruby Tuesday

A club for red wine lovers, the Ruby Tuesday club has something of everything—from light-bodied Loire to intense Pinot to peppery Syrah to meaty Rhône to bold Cabernet; wines from all over France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe, taking in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere. From wines you can drink now to those that can be laid down for a few years, this club moves in so many directions.



Not stuck to one style of wine? Always wanting to try something different? Need a range of wines for all the different meals you love to cook? Then the Mixtape club is perfect: every style of wine from regions all around the world is represented with the common themes of small production, high quality, and being food friendly.


Champagne Supernova

Who doesn’t love a bottle of bubbles, the sound of the cork popping and the wine fizzing into the glass? Sparkling wine is a celebration of life, and this club is here to do just that. There’s nothing worse than a disappointing bottle of sparkling wine, and we make sure that never happens to you. There’ll be champagne, naturally, but the Champagne Supernova club includes other French and European sparkling wines as well as exciting New World discoveries to explore the full range of bubbles.


(You Make Me Feel Like)

In an age of climate change and environmental concerns, sustainable, low-intervention wines are increasingly fashionable and important. All wines in the (You Make Me Feel Like) club are from producers who take care of the land and who are either practising or certified organic or biodynamic or use low-intervention, natural winemaking. These wines take you straight to the source.



In the industry and want to know more about all the changes? The Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes club tracks global trends, innovative winemaking practices, chooses unusual grape varieties, and makes sure you’re up-to-date with everything in the wine world. As well as choosing wines which will appeal to industry insiders, the club sends a monthly bulletin on all the latest news in wine and offers a monthly tasting at which industry folk get together to talk about and—of course—taste wine.


The Headmaster Ritual

If you’re preparing for exams—whether it’s MW, WSET, somm exams, CWS, or Wine Scholar Guild—then The Headmaster Ritual club is ideal for you. We select wines particulary chosen as “exam wines”—wines which often appear on exams, from major regions, important grape varieties, or classic styles. And they’re all sent out blind, wrapped in sleeves and arranged by themes with questions.

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