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There's been a revolution in rosé over the last ten years or more. Once seen as sweet, simple, drink now, forget tomorrow, the diversity of the styles of wine now produced is greater than ever before. The quality is also far higher. And both these aspects are being more appreciated by both producers and consumers. At the same time, it can be easy to put rosé in a pigeon-hole: it's a summer wine (and I am writing this in August in California); it has to be pale-coloured; it shouldn't be expensive; it should always be the latest vintage; it shouldn't...

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The beginning of the week here in Petaluma, California saw temperatures in the low 30s (that's centigrade, US friends). It's the beginning of May and that heat takes some getting used to. As the heat builds up during the day, a glass of rosé becomes extremely appealing. some rosé history Rosé is, to put it as simply as possible, a pink wine, made mostly from black grapes but with minimal skin contact or extremely gentle pressing to reduce the color of the wine. Various versions of rosé have been made for centuries: the British term for Bordeaux is Claret, which...

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