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Over two-thirds of plantings in New Zealand are of Sauvignon Blanc. It's a style which has, since the 1980s, transformed perceptions of the grape variety and although we keep predicting the Marlborough boom will crash at some point it still hasn't. Before the Sauvignon Blanc explosion, New Zealand wine was a laughing stock to anyone who was actually paying attention. Because of Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand is one of the most important wine producing countries in the world: small scale, big influence. But New Zealand producers are conscious that they can't solely rely on Sauvignon Blanc. It's tricky because quarantine...

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All the wines in blackpoolmatt's wine club come with a specific music pairing, matching the wine with an album to listen to while enjoying the bottle. There's also a playlist of songs from each album available on spotify that connects you to all the wines I've chosen that month. There's no scientific method to my pairings. Instead, it's based around mood—just as my mood often reflects why I choose to open a certain bottle of wine. It could be because the weather's cold or hot, because I'm cooking a certain dish, because of who I'm with, or because I just feel...

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