introduction to blackpoolmatt's wine club

I've worked in wine retail for nearly ten years, and I've always had the ambition to sell wine myself rather than on behalf of other people. With blackpoolmatt's wine club I'm finally fulfilling that ambition by picking out wine that I love and that hopefully you will too. Here's some information on exactly what the club entails.

why blackpoolmatt?

The answer's simple: I'm from a famous seaside town in north-west England called Blackpool. When I was born, Matthew was the most popular name in the UK so by the time I got to university there were so many Matthews we had to be distinguished somehow: hence blackpoolmatt.

the music themes

I want blackpoolmatt's wine club to be as personal as possible, reflecting my tastes and passions while also taking into account a member's preferences and suggestions. I love music for many of the same reasons I love wine: a way of visiting different countries, cultures, personalities, and histories. Each club is named after a particular song that fits the theme of the club, and there's a new playlist every month to fit the shipments. There's no doubt that music and wine make the perfect pairing - let's listen and drink together.

the different clubs

Each club is tailored to fit each member's tastes and needs, but to give some structure each club has a set theme. For example, if you love white wine then join White Light/White Heat; for red wine, Ruby Tuesday; for sparkling wine, Champagne Supernova. If you love a bit of everything (and who doesn't?), then there's the Mixtape club. (You Make Me Feel Like) is for drinkers who want to explore the world of organic, biodynamic, and natural winemaking. Don't like a particular style? Let me know. Love French wine? Let me know. All preferences are welcomed.

As I am a Certified WSET Educator, an MW student, and have been working in the industry for nearly a decade, I have also created two clubs for students and for those who work in the industry. Ch-ch-ch-changes is for those who want to keep up with trends in the business - regions, grape varieties, or styles that are becoming fashionable. The Headmaster Ritual, meanwhile, is for students with blind tastings organized according to the exam they're preparing for--or it can be just for fun!

how often are the shipments?

Shipments of three wines will be sent out at the beginning of each month. If you'd to receive fewer or more bottles or to have them sent at different intervals, just let me know - I'm flexible!