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aligoté, burgundy, cinsault, etna, south africa, stellenbosch -

blackpoolmatt and Ella talk about three wines in the December edition of the club: Domaine d'Edouard Bourgogne Aligoté 2018 Craven Cinsaut Stellenbosch 2019 Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2018

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england, sparkling wine -

English sparkling wine is on the rise! I interview Trevor Clough of Digby Fine English, an exceptional and exciting producer emblematic of the advance English wine has made in the last ten years. Buy a bottle and share his story!

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alto adige, cava, grenache, mendocino, schiava -

The lowdown on three current offerings from blackpoolmatt's wine club:

Avinyó Brut Reserva Cava 2017

Petrichor "Carma" Grenache Yorkville Highlands 2019

Manincor "Der Kiel" Schiava Alto Adige 2019

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