holiday wines

The holiday season is upon us, which means lots of great food and lots of great wine. There's so much cuisine on the table that you need wines that are varied and versatile to fit each and every dish. Which is where I come in.

The Holiday Wine Bundle includes 6 bottles that can stand up to the rich and weighty dishes that are so custom to our holiday feasts. I have picked wines high in acidity to cut through the food, while also taking into consideration salty appetizers and indulgent desserts.

There's a world of possibilities in food and wine pairing, and this bundle proves just that. Try all six wines throughout the meal and see how each one pairs with the different dishes. There's just one rule to follow: cook great food and drink great wine.

At just $150 for the six bottles, this holiday wine bundle will be a welcome end to 2020!

you can buy these wines (and any others) individually on my site or buy them as a special holiday bundle

 Elena Walch Rosé 2019

Elena Walch "20/26" Rosé Vignetti della Dolomiti 2019

Rosé is a wonderfully diverse wine: it can be enjoyed on its own, drunk like a white wine with fish or salads, as well as adding some refreshing delicacy to a fatty, meaty dish. This rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Lagrein and comes from northern Italy, which, like Thanksgiving, is known for its rich foods.

Drink with the salad course, perhaps with a lime garlic viniagrette.

Bergerie Crémant de Loire 2016

Domaine de la Bergerie Crémant de Loire 2016

Bubbles are absolutely essential for any festive occasion, but it doesn't just have to be champagne. Crémant de Loire is a really great value alternative, equally refreshing but a little bit fruitier. And don't just think of sparkling wine as merely celebratory, but as wine to be enjoyed with an array of dishes.

Drink at the beginning of the meal with salty snacks and canapés.

Jaimee Motley Chenin Blanc 2018

Jaimee Motley Rosewood Vineyard Chenin Blanc Mendocino 2018

California may not be known for its aromatic, acidic Chenin Blanc, but it should be. This comes from fashionable young winemaker Jaimee Motley and a vineyard in Mendocino also known as "Buddha's Vineyard" due to its proximity to a monastery.

Drink with the roasted vegetable dish.

Dönnhoff Kabinett Riesling Nahe 2019

Dönnhoff Oberhäuser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett Nahe 2019

Don't be afraid of sweet wines, nor of long German names! Riesling has both the acidity and the sweetness to cut through fatty food like turkey. From one of Germany's best producers, this Riesling will add a much-needed refreshing element to the heart of the meal.

Drink with the turkey.

Craven Cinsaut Stellenbosch 2019

Craven Cinsaut Stellenbosch 2019

Cinsaut is the ideal Thanksgiving red: lighter-bodied, with crunchy red fruits to pair with the cranberry sauce, and fine tannins to stand up to the rich turkey. It's widely planted in South Africa, where there are plenty of old vines to give extra concentration to the wines.

Also, drink this with the turkey.

Fernando de Castilla PX Sherry

Fernando de Castilla "Classic" Pedro Ximénez NV

You've got to finish with something sweet, both food and wine. Pedro Ximénez ("PX") is a sweet sherry which will go with just about any dessert. The most indulgent way of serving PX is to pour it over vanilla ice cream or use it for a winter-style daiquiri.

Drink with the desserts.